1.       General provisions

1.1.   The present Terms and Conditions are applicable by ordering goods by means of internet-shop linentrade.eu (FIE Andrei Bogatov, Estonian registry code 14271671)

  1.       Order placement

2.1.   An order can be made either using linentrade.eu online store, or by sending a corresponding request to the e-mail sales@linentrade.eu

2.2.   When buying by means of linentrade.eu online store the amount and characteristics of the desired product are specified in the product's page and the product has to be added to the Cart. To place an order the Buyer should input his/her contacts, delivery address and choose the delivery method. 

2.3.   After receiving an order the Seller checks the availability of the ordered product and its delivery date to the warehouse and sends the invoice. If needed the delivery date and conditions are additionally agreed with the Customer . 

2.4.   Within Tallinn ordered products are delivered at the Seller's expence. The delivery term is normally 1-2 working days. 

2.5.   In case of delivery outside Tallinn the ordered products are sent by mail or using a transportation company within 2 working days after receiving the payment. 

2.6.   Delivery within Tallinn is free, the price of delivery outside Tallinn depends on the destination place, weight and dimendions of the parcel as well as the chosen delivery method.

2.7.   In case of sending the order by mail or using a transportation company the final cost of the delivery specified in the invoice may differ from the cost shown at order placement in the online store

  1.       Revocation of orders

3.1.   The Buyer is free to revocate the order and return the ordered product to the Seller within 14 days after receiving if: 

3.1.1.      The product was not in use

3.1.2.      The product has preserved suitable for further selling outlook and properties. 

3.2.   For revocation of an order the Buyer should send an e-mail to sales@linentrade.eu in which the reference numbers and quantity of the products to be returned, order number, Buyer's name and Buyer's bank details in which the return payment should be made, should be specified.

3.3.   The condition of the returned product is assessed during 14 days after receiving the returned products. The result of the assessment is reported to the Buyer by e-mail.

3.4.   In case the condition of the returned product does not comply with requirements stated in sections 2.1.1 - 2.1.2, the Buyer is billed for delivery expenses and the product is sent back to the Buyer within 2 working days after receiving the payment.

3.5.   In case the condition of the returned product complies with the requirements stated in sections 2.1.1 - 2.1.2, money for the returned product are transferred within 14 days after reporting the results of the assessment of condition of the returned product to the Buyer.

3.6.   Delivery of the returned product to the Seller is at the Buyer's expense. 

3.7.   In case of the Buyer's and Seller's agreement, the returned product can be replaced to another one of equal cost instead of refunding. 

3.8.   If the product was made by Buyer's special order, the product is not subject to be returned or refunded without Seller's agreement. 

  1.       Warranty

4.1.  The product is considered defective if has defects appeared before sending the product to the Buyer or due to improper packaging. The Buyer has right to replace the defective product during 1 year after ordering. If the product cannot be replaced with the same one, the cost of the product and delivery cost are returned to the Buyer.

4.2.   The warranty is not applicable if the defect was caused by normal wear of the product, negligent treatment or other independent on the Seller circumstances emerged after sending the product to the Buyer. 

4.3.   In case of ordering fabric, if the defect was found after cutting, only the piece with the defect is replaced or refunded. Fabric containing small amount of minor defects such as missing or compactioned threads, loops etc. is not considered as  defective and is not subject to replacement or refunding. 

  1.       Complaints

5.1.   In case of any disagreements between the Buyer and the Seller the corresponding negotiations are held in Russian, Estonian or English language. 

5.2.   All complaints between the Buyer and the Seller are dealt in accordance with legislation of Estonian Republic.