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You can order sewing of bedclothes according to prices shown in the table below. The prices are for reference only and the final price determined by the Seller may nevertheless differ from the price calculated using the table due to changes in work cost, pecularities of the selected material etc. If the size You need is not listed in the table or You have any special requirements, please send us a request. Your order will be fulfilled in 1-2 weeks. When ordering 3 or more similar items a discount will be given. 

You can calculate the final price of the product in three steps:

1. Calculate the amount of fabric

For that find the size of Your mattress, pillow or duvet in the leftmost column (For what). In the next column (Product) the dimension determinating the amount of fabric needed for sewing is shown in red. Please note that for duvet covers this number should be multiplied by 2 (because the duvet cover consists of 2 layers of fabric) and if needed 25 cm for a flap are to be added. 5% for compensation of shrinkage and 5 cm for seams should be added as well. 

2. Select a fabric on the web page and calculate its price.

For that multiply the amount of fabric found in step 1 by the price for 1 m. Please note that if you are searching for bedclothes for a single bed it can be made from any fabric (150, 160 and 220 cm wide), but for a twin-size mattress or a wide duvet the choice is limited to 220 cm wide fabrics.

3. Add the price for sewing to the material cost and you will get the final result.

If needed the price for shrinking can be added too. Shrinking of fabric (washing and drying) prior to sewing is not compulsory, but highly recommended to secure permanent dimensions and outlook of the ready product.

For what Product Sewing, eur Shrinking, eur
Mattress size, cm Bedcloth size, cm
Fabrics 150 and 160 cm
80x200 150(160)x200 5 2,5
80x200 150(160)x250 5 2,5
Fabrics 220 cm
80x200 150x220 6 3
80x200 150x250 8 3
120, 140, 160x200 220x200 6 3
140, 160, 180x200 220x250 6 3
Pillow size, cm Pillowcase size, cm
Fabrics 150 cm
50x30 35x55 5 2
50x60 55x65 5 2
50x70 55x75 5 2
Duvet size, cm Duvet cover size, cm
Fabrics 150 cm
140x200 145x205 (x2+25) 20 5
Fabrics 160 cm
140x200 145x205 (x2+25) 20 5
150x200 155x205 (x2+25) 20 5
Fabrics 220 cm
140x200 145x205 (x2+25) 20 8
140x200 145x205 (x2) w/o flap 16 6
150x200 155x205 (x2+25) 20 8
150x200 155x205 (x2) w/o flap 16 6
170x200 175x205 (x2+25) 21 8
170x200 175x205 (x2) w/o flap 17 8
200x200 205x205 (x2+25) 23 8
240x200 245x205 (x2+25) 25 8

For example, you need a natural-colored duvet cover for 150 cm wide duvet.

If you need the best price:

Duvet cover 175x205 cm without flap, the amount of fabric will be 175 cm x 2 = 350 cm (3,5 m)

Add shrinkage allowance: 3,5 m x 1,05 = 3,68 m

Add allowance for seams: 3,68 m + 0,05 m = 3,73 m

The fabric should be 220 cm wide, the cheapest material of that width is 53% linen F504-1, price 6,2 eur/m. The material price will be 3,73 m x 6,2 eur/m = 23,12 eur

The price for for sewing such a duvet cover is 17 eur, so the total price will be 23,12 eur + 17 eur = 40,12 eur.

If you need the best quality:

Duvet cover 175x205 cm with flap, the amount of fabric will be 175 cm x 2 + 25 = 435 cm (4,35 m)

Add shrinkage allowance: 4,35 m x 1,05 = 4,57 m

Add allowance for seams: 4,57 m + 0,05 m = 4,62 m

The best material selection for such product will be 100% linen F331-133, price 12,5 eur/m. The material price will be 4,62 m x 12,5 eur/m = 57,75 eur

The price for sewing such a duvet cover will be 21 eur and shrinking of the fabric will cost 8 eur, so the total price will be: 57,75 eur + 21 eur + 8 eur = 86,75 eur