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In our web-page You can order linen fabrics and products from linen. 

We offer:

- Linen fabrics from Russia and Belorussia.

- Normal width of fabrics is 1.5 m; 0.5, 1 and 2.2 m wide fabrics are available as well.

- Fabrics are sold by the meter, in 10 m packs and in 25-50 m rolls. Softened fabrics are sold in 6-8 m pieces.

- Fast and affordable arrangement of home textile sewing (table and bed linen, bags etc.) from our fabrics according to Your order.

We offer best prices for linen fabrics in Estonia!


We deliver ordered goods from our Tallinn warehouse over Estonia and to EU-countries. 

- We send free 5x5 samples of our fabrics by mail.

- Within borders of Tallinn delivery is free. Outside Tallinn ordered goods are sent by mail. Large packages are delivered by transportation companies.

For more information please send us a message or call +372 56506423

Ordering information, conditions of delivery and return