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Custom-made high quality linen bedclothes – probably it is very expensive? Not at all!

Write us what do you need and we will make You a price offer as soon as possible.

Linen bedclothes

Here are some examples of products You may order and their prices.


150х200, white, 30% linen F112 w  – 12,5 eur

150х200, natural, shrinked 100% linen F104 hw s – 30 eur

220х250, natural, 53% linen F106 hw – 25,5 eur


55x65, dark-grey, 100% linen F102-1232 – 15 eur

55х75, natural, 30% linen F110 1 – 8,5 eur

Duvet covers:

145х205, natural, 100% linen F102 n – 34 eur

245х205, natural, shrinked 100% linen F331-133 – 98 eur

245х205, white 53% linen F106 w – 62,5 eur

Your size was not listed here? Find a suitable fabric and send us a request or check the standard sizes and sewing prices by yourself!